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Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre
1, Tughlakabad Institutional Area, Mehrauli - Badarpur Road, New Delhi, Delhi 110062

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We at Batra Hospital provide cutting edge technology to cancer patients and provide the latest available treatment in the field of radiation, medical and surgical oncology. We are equipped with latest machines like True Beam Linear Accelerator which offers six degrees of couch movement and thus allows precise delivery of radiation to the target area upto sub millimeter accuracy and preventing dose to normal surrounding structures. In addition, we have a full fledged medical oncology department providing chemotherapy in wards as well as day care. All kinds of complicated surgical procedures are being carried out by our surgical oncologists. Treatment of cancer needs multimodality management and everything is offered under one roof under the guidance of specialists.

Conditions & Treatments

Incidence of cancer is increasing. Common cancers that we see in our day to day practices include breast cancer, lung cancer, head and neck cancers, brain tumours, cancers of the oesophagus, stomach and pancreas and genitourinary cancers like cervical cancer, endometrial cancer and prostate cancer. We offer multimodality treatment including surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy depending on the stage of the disease. We have been treating patients with latest techniques like IMRT (Intensity modulated radiotherapy), IGRT (Image guided Radiotherapy) and SBRT (Sterotactic body Radiotherapy) and our work has been published in many national and international journals of good repute. We are also equipped with HDR brachytherapy suite, which enables us to do sophisticated treatments like ICRT (Intracavitary Radiotherapy) and ILRT (Intraluminal Radiotherapy).

Dr. Irfan Bashir

Radiation Oncology

Dr. Irfan Bashir is one of the distinguished oncologists of Delhi. He has an experience of over 12 years in the patient management of cancer patients. He has done lot of work in head and neck cancer and cancer of the cervix and has special interest in lung cancer, brain tumors and prostate cancer. His work is published in many reputed national and international jour nals. He has completed his Certification Course on...

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Patient Stories

  • The Radiotherapy I received at Batra was of excellent standard. The Radiation machine was up and running all the time. I never lost a day due to machine failure or crowd control. Everyone was well attended to and promptly. My Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Irfan Bashir and his Ass, Dr. Swanita were excellent too. They did their job with utmost compassion. Those that administered the treatment were very humane. I never felt like a foreigner. I received the best care I could ask for. I will recommend this hospital anytime without hesitation. Keep it up team

    -William from Nigeria
  • Dr. Irfan is just amazing. He is too supportive and caring and most importantly have a really positive attitude. He cured me for tongue and throat cancer in 2015. Since the day I met him n till now whenever I visit him he just boosts up that energy n the positive attitude in me. And believe me now I am perfectly alright. From being not able to eat anything to being able to eat even the chillies n spices, and from being hesitant to speak to someone personally after my operation to being able to address the public, Dr. Irfan was there to help and guide throughout.

    -Varsha Aneja
  • Dr. Irfan is a highly promising doctor. As a senior citizen of this country I pray to God for Dr. Bashir's all round professional growth, fame and prosperity.

    -Mr. Surojit
  • Akhil was diagnosed with brain tumor and underwent through surgery. After that to eliminate the very last malicious particles, Akhil went through radiation therapy of one month in Batra hospital under Dr Irfan Bashir. Radiation therapy went with least complications. Two MRIs done since RT showed great results. We are very thankful to Dr. Bashir and his team for their zeal and dedication.

    -Akhil Raj
  • Dr. Bashir at Batra Hospital was my second choice from my initial diagnosis from a very well known hospital in Gurgaon. But after meeting Dr. Bashir and his Oncology team, my mind was put at ease. I made the right choice for my treatment. Dr Bashir is has this charm and calmness which will put any patient to be comfortable, he will hear you out and allow you to ask question, to clear doubts. Every visit made me think positively, which helped me immensely. All treatments were done without stress and response time was very active. I will always praise my doctors at Batra Hospital.

  • Dr. Irfan is one of the most genuine person I’ve ever come across. I really can’t thank him enough for what he had done for my father. In january, 2018, I came to know that my father was battling the final stage of cancer and every member of my family including me lost all hopes but then we came across Dr. Irrfan at Batra’s and he was the only one who assured us that my father will fight cancer and supported us through all means that he could. He was the one who gave my father another life because we saw him in such conditions where anything could have happened to him at any moment but Dr. Irrfan did his best and made him survive for 3 more months. He always used to support me and my family.

    -Chaki from Malviya Nagar